How to Buy

ICT Alliance sells MyApps through a network of Value Added Resellers (MyApps Partners) who adds value in terms of Fit Gap Analysis, planning, implementation, customization, and support services to optimize MyApps as a complete solution, fit for the individual needs of each customer.

Visit to search for a Value Added Reseller near your business and/or fits to your service need.


MyApps 2015 licensing is offered as Perpetual Licensing. It is designed to help businesses to cater to different needs;

  1. New businesses to jump-start their financial insights and managing the initial transactions in terms of sales and supply chain management.
  2. Organization already having insights to their financials, needing further insights into their management for performance and predictability, MyApps 2015 is capable of easy extension to advanced features.
  3. Organizations (fits into specific add-ons into the listed industries) can easily leverage the further adoption of best practices used by the leaders of their specific industry.

Note: For features of Add-ons, please refer to specific add-on Features, Packaging & Product Capabilities documentation.

Perpetual Licensing provides a step forward by simplifying how you purchase an ERP solution. The entire solution can be licensed via five core components: The Spring Green Pack, the Forest Green Pack, the Full Named User License and the Full Concurrent User License. Additional configuration components are also available. Access to the MyApps ERP solution feature is licensed through user licenses on a named and concurrent user basis.

MyApps positions itself as the greenest solution for businesses on the planet earth at this point of time, designed to use less infrastructure and resources consumption which enables less power consumption by the eco-system of the solution. In addition to that it is educing paperwork and printouts though process improvements, electronic approval levels, information sharing (based on classification and processes), optimization of effort and resources, effective information communication through personal dashboards.

Organizations certified to be eco-friendly and strategically supports green concepts can communicate directly to our head office to get benefits of special licensing prices. Organization supporting “Green Force” initiative ( is having access to control panel for green pricing platform.

This guide provides an overview of the new packaging available based on features and product capabilities within MyApps 2015 and how they address across your business.

Perpetual Licensing consists of two packs. The Spring Green Pack and The Forest Green Pack, generic across the industries. For specific industry solution, add-ons are available on top of “Forest Green Pack”.


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