Shaping up the Distribution

At times, the distributors often remain unaware of what they have let go in terms of major sales prospects. For example, a customer makes a call at the distributor to place an order and the company cannot fulfill it because of whatever reasons. Maybe, the product was there in stock. Regardless, whatever the issues might be it’s the business which suffers in the end.
In majority of the cases, it is found that a lot of companies allow the sales team to decide about the pricing — from the actual cost of the product to how much the customer would need to pay.
That does not really bring about a favorable situation for the business. Instead, you and your business can show their trusts on MyApps. It is an ERP system which works its way out to provide the sales team with about the accurate analysis. It is a present century technology which will do its part well in helping you decide on the price of your products based on the recent trends and historic data.

MyApps will take into consideration the data of the distributors’ transactions covering about the past twelve months and then move the focus further from the customers of the business to the products and then from the different segmentation of the customers to finally end on the varieties of the product produced. From here, it will be able to effectively gauge out the precise information which might be beneficial for the business and then will pass it on to the sales team so that they can utilize it to the fullest to shape up their sales pitch.

In the end, the question which remains to be answered is how you and business can come across this piece of information and then use it properly to decide the final price of the products produced. The present situation would require the presence of the correct intelligence for the business that can extract out the data related to setting up the products prices data and then turning it into a fresh format which the caretakers of the company can go on to use. If at all possible, it is not the price which you have to shape up but it is actually the margin. The data must be scrutinized or analyzed at the ripe time and that would require the presence of an effective system such as the likes of MyApps.

Distribution companies today face real challenges in a rapidly changing industry. Global competition and intense price pressure at the retail level are eroding margins. Shorter product lifecycles require businesses to adapt quickly to new circumstances.

Today’s distribution management challenges include:

  • Satisfying increasingly demanding customers.
  • Increasing visibility into your supply chain.
  • Improving inventory controls.
  • Controlling operational costs.
  • Maintaining labor and operations agility.
  • Managing vendor relationships.

To stay competitive, you need to improve your ability to predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand. The right technology can help.

Why MyApps ERP for distribution management?

MyApps ERP has a proven record for distribution and supply chain management. It can deliver visibility into your sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules, giving you confidence in your ability to meet customer demands. But that’s just a start. MyApps ERP can also help you:

  • Identify emerging customer behavior.
  • Better predict future market trends.
  • Keep your inventory lean.
  • Make smarter buying decisions and decrease costs.
  • Negotiate better terms with vendors and suppliers.
  • Improve customer relationships.

MyApps ERP systems are delivered by a global network of partners with industry expertise.

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