MyApps ERP Add-ons

Standard ERP customization to fit to specific industry need requires a lot of time from you organization to come up with what you want, and making the ERP vendor understand about your business domain etc. NOW, with our 90%+ fit add-on specific to your industry gives you comfort of using world class ERP while dramatically decreasing the load of ERP implementation overhead from your organization side.

Forest Green Pack

When you are running a manufacturing operation, you need more synchronization between your business operation and manufacturing unit, in terms of production plan based on order/demand, ensuring raw materials, HR, consumables and maintenance level spare parts availability to run the production smoothly. MyApps Forest Green Pack take you into advanced level, enabling manufacturing & inter company transactions.

Spring Green Pack

As you are automating your business, you felt a need of establishing processes between departments. These processes can be well-defined or you can simply use the best practices from other businesses. MyApps Spring Green Pack is your initial initiative of having an ERP in place. It enables you to management your supply chain, in sync with your finance, inventory, product management, HR, and jobs management.